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I wrote a VSMacro (in VS2010) that parses a solution and adds try and catch statements to cpp files. It's been working fine up until now. I had to reformat my pc and reinstall VS2010 and now it crashes. Here's a snippet from the macro.

Sub Foo(ByVal file As EnvDTE.ProjectItem)
    Dim fileCM As EnvDTE.FileCodeModel
    fileCM = file.FileCodeModel
End Sub

I've checked to see if that file is a valid object, and it does point to a cpp file. But for some reason file.FileCodeModel = Nothing. Why would FileCodeModel be Nothing?

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There are several scenarios in Visual Studio where a ProjectItem will not return a FileCodeModel object. For example if the ProjectItem points to a folder or a non-code file item in solution explorer.

Can you verify what the ProjectItem represents in this scenario. In particular

  • Is it pointing to a file?
  • What type of project is this in (Web, console app, etc ...)?
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like i said in my question, the ProjectItem points to a cpp file. – Ernesto Rojo Jr Aug 25 '10 at 15:19
@Ernesto, what type of C++ project is this. Native, pure managed, C++/CLI, etc ... – JaredPar Aug 25 '10 at 15:25

Usually, it happens when the project is not compilable. You need to try to build the solution first.

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