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The operator precedence table I can find is:


according to the table, both '>>' and '*' are left-to-right associate, and '>>' have higher precedence, so I think a >> b * c should explain as (a >> b) * c however, my test in Firefox (using Firebug), tell me:

0x11 >> 1      ....    8
0x11 >> 1 * 2  ....    4

Which confuses me a lot, should it be 16 instead?

OK, I understand that we always should use parentheses when precedence is not clear, however there should be a rule or explain of what is happening?

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If I look at that table, the * operator has a higher precedence than >>, therefore * binds earlier. It is interpreted as:

  • 0x11 >> 1 * 2
  • 0x11 >> (1 * 2)
  • 0x11 >> (2)
  • 0x11 >> 2
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as it is my mis-understanding, which does confuse me for about an hour. I am stupid, thank you all for so many replies, the answer goes to the quickest answer, sorry if this is not that fair... – ccppjava Aug 25 '10 at 16:30
Wow, you're not stupid, the highest precedence is the lowest value. That makes no sense at all. Some people really just wanna watch the world burn... – Viclib May 23 '13 at 8:16
@Dokkat This mapping makes sense, it is confusing when the highest priority number is not 1. At a competition, you have won when you are the highest ranked (1). – Lekensteyn May 23 '13 at 9:15

According to the table you linked to, * has higher precedence (5) than >> (7); higher precedence is listed first in that table, though confusingly, lower numbers are used to indicate higher precedence.

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thank you... my mistake... – ccppjava Aug 25 '10 at 15:49

According to the table you linked, multiplication has higher precedence (5) than bit-shifting (7).

From the top of the table:

The following table is ordered from highest (1) to lowest (17) precedence.

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No, it says that * has higher precedence than >>. :)

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