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I have a flag if set I would like a connection Dialog window to showup on startup. In App.xaml.cs in the Application_Startup event handler I have the code to show the window. What is happening is the splash screen shows (a png set to splash screen), the dialog pops up for a second then closes and the main WPF window displays. I would like the process to wait until the user closes the dialog window. Oh and the dialog window is not WPF it's a Windows.Form.

The form is this

Any ideas?



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Do you use Show() or ShowDialog for your window ? Show() will not stop the code from running while ShowDialog() should.

Hopes that helps.

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I thought of the same thing. But the window (from a library. not my own) I'm using just has a show method which works like ShowDialog(). In my project I have a menu that launches the same window and when it does, it blocks as I expect it to. More specifically I am using this…. – Rick Aug 25 '10 at 20:30
In that case, maybe app.xaml doesn't exactly work like I though it would. I fancy it might load at the same time, instead of before. When does your splash screen show ? Is it in your app.xaml to? – David Brunelle Aug 26 '10 at 12:25
splash screen shows first. Then the connection dialog shows on top. The splash screen is simply a png file with it's buildaction set to SplashScreen. – Rick Aug 27 '10 at 19:29

If the other window is a WinForms window (by the way, this is pertinent information I noticed in a comment) it won't behave correctly, because the whole message pump system of WinForms isn't present when the window is shown; in WPF it has been replaced by the Dispatcher. I'm afraid I don't know a solution off-hand, but searching for WPF-WinForms integration should give some answers.

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