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I need to serialize browser parsed HTML DOM to well-format XML.

In firefox (gecko), this works:

// serialize body to well-format XML.
var xml = new XMLSerializer().serializeToString(document.body);

But in webkit, result is equivalent to document.body.outerHTML, not well-format XML (for example: <br> won't become <br />)

How to serialize browser HTML DOM to XML in webkit?


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I have a setInnerXHTML method (not the Facebook version) which should work for this. The method is included in the base framework file, hemi.js, available from the Hemi Project Page. It is also included in my older libXmlRequest library.


var oXml = Hemi.xml.newXmlDocument("Xhtml");
Hemi.xml.setInnerXHTML(oXml.documentElement, document.documentElement, oXml);
var sSerial = Hemi.xml.serialize(oXml);

If you want to test this on a particular browser, navigate to the Hemi Project Page, click the upper-right tool icon, and click the Active Source tab. Copy and paste the sample code into the textarea and click Eval Source (the response will be a node name). Type in sSerial into the input field and hit enter, or click Eval, and you should see the serialized XML of the copied HTML DOM.

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