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I need some Regex help.

I've got a series of numbers. For example: 2010 95 34% 22 55%

I use this Regex to put add quotation marks and commas:



It works great. But, I need to strip the % sign. How do I edit the above Regex to do so?

Thank you!


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This RE: ([\d.]+)%? What language are you using?

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Hi Lekensteyn, Thanks for the message. I'm using Dreamweaver as a text editor. And then sticking the data with quotation marks and commas added into a mySQL database. –  Laxmidi Aug 25 '10 at 16:55



With the same replacement:

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You just need to move the % outside the capturing group, so that it's not included in the value that's used for $1 in the replacement...

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