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i want to create product comparison site expecting good no of user hits (100 + concurrent users) i am from dot net background(LOB Application),i haven't done much research for good programming platform for such user oriented website with some user generated content , i have following options

1: c# asp.net Ajax 2: silver light 3: php 4: flex/flash 5: ruby,python,java 6: any other language

database Sql Server/My Sql/Oracle/ any other

i want to deploy it on cloud,i want good user experience, can compromise on seo,site need to be scalable for lots of contents added later on so please help me for choosing right platform.

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Do you have experience with any of the above? –  ircmaxell Aug 25 '10 at 17:17
You want to deploy on a cloud. Good luck mate, ah, I see, from the school of "a door is a temporal vessel blocking featurization" and not just a door. –  brumScouse Aug 23 '12 at 12:01

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Your platform choice is essentially irrelevant - your choice of architecture and system design will be the determining factor.

You need to figure out:

  1. What are your user facing requirements?
  2. What are your actual success criteria?
  3. What's my future costs to run this thing?
  4. What are my constraints (people, technology, dev time)?

You're also mixing client side and server side technologies in that list, which seems to indicate you're not even at stage one. Get yourself straight on your requirements first, then start worrying about the angle brackets and semicolons.

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Choose the one you have the most experience with. Personally, I'd go for ASP.net/C# as server-side language.

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asp.net might work for you, too, since you have background. Typically I'd say do whatever can let you develop it fastest, optimize laster. recommend django or the play framework.

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What you use is largely dependent on your skill set, who is going to maintain the site and where it's going to be deployed. The type of site you described can be made in just about any web environment. If you know any of those at all, and it's appropriate for the manner of deployment you're considering, go with that. If you're considering any other ones, ask yourself whether the time to learn a new one will be worth the benefits of switching. If you don't know any of them, again, what you ultimately choose doesn't matter all that much.

I suspect you're going to get a lot of vague answers here. That's because "what's the best" types of questions generally just start flame wars (or at least framework battles). What should you use? Any of those. Though I would recommend staying away from Flash and Silverlight on the client.

But of course, being a Rubyist, I'd so go with Rails ;)

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You can go with what you know best, so if it fails then no need to worry about it because you spent shorter time for development. If you got high traffic in the future, you'll have to rearchitect and probably need to rewrite it again in most cases.

I recommend:

1- play framework (my favorite, you can use it with java or scala, it's more full stack, it has caching, logging, db access, mailing,...)

2- django (python is not a type safe language and also performance is poor when comparing with java or c#)

3- asp.net mvc 3 (in fact this is the best choice from the technical point of view, but license costs are really problematic especially if your server count and team size begin to increase)



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