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I am using JPA 2 for an enterprise application, and my DBA's just hit me with a twist.

They want me to use the group's centralized object ID generator for all my tables. This means rather than using table values or a sequence table, I will need to call a web service to get a batch of ~50 ids.

Then, as I persist any new object, I would need to inject this id first, and save that to the table.

So how would I manipulate the @Id column of an entity to handle this.

Is it as simple as setting a key before I persist? I suspect that would throw some sort of unmanaged entity with ID set error.

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Sorry, should have noted that I am using OpenJPA as the implementation of the jpa2 spec. –  Eddie Aug 25 '10 at 17:21

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The better method is to actually specify a Sequence strategy on Generated fields and specify a custom Sequence class.

JPA will then call this class's nextId() method every time it inserts a new object.

This method allows full graphs to be persisted without intervening on each entity manually.

Figured it out. Amazingly complex ;) - just remove the GeneratedValue annotation from the key field.

It is intended for Native Ids like SSN or email, but works regardless of source.

public class Client{

    private long key;
    private String clientNumber;
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