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I need to create an executable file, run, that will call # java for my classes

I am compiling my java project with SCons:

libFiles = "lib/myLibs.jar"

# Build the environment
env = Environment(JAVACLASSPATH = libFiles, JAVASOURCEPATH = '.')
env.Java(target = 'classes', source = 'src')

All of the classes are stored in folder classes/ and all the source files are in /src . To run the program, I have to

# cd classes/
# java -cp . myProg

Is there a way to have SCons create an executable in the root directory so it can call java by itself? I looked at an existing project that used env.Program() but that was only for C++.


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Not an answer to your question, but: is there a special reason you are using SCons to build a Java project? The de-facto standard build tools for Java are Apache Ant and Apache Maven. ant.apache.org maven.apache.org –  Jesper Aug 26 '10 at 12:19
unfortunately, the main project is in C++ and this module is written in Java for GUI related issues. The only reason why I kept using SCons so the top level SCons directory can build all of the files including the Java module. –  Carlo del Mundo Aug 26 '10 at 18:25

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You may use the Jar builder. The following SCons example does what you want.

jar = java_env = Jar(target='Observer',

Note that if you want the Manifest.txt file to work as well it must have the following first line:

Manifest-Version: 1.0

You should only use the Java builder if you want to generate the .class files.

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