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I'm using the anythingSlider by Chris Coyier.

Can anyone tell how to change from slide effect to fade effect?

Regrets, Saulo

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Well, as the core is at this time (v1.5.6.1), it isn't possible to transition between the two slides in a fade transition, but you can use the FX extension to fade in the next image. Try something like this:

        animationTime : 0
        inFx: {
            'img' : { opacity: 1, duration: 500 }
        outFx: {
            'img' : { opacity: 0, duration: 0 }

Setting "animationTIme" and the outFx time to zero will ensure the previous image isn't seen (no sliding), but the inFx (fadeIn) will be on a transparent background. I don't know if that will fullfill your needs.

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AnythingSlider version 1.8+ now has a built-in "fade" mode which allows you to cross-fade between panels. Try out the second slider on that demo page. –  Mottie May 13 '12 at 18:09

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