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I have a CruiseControl .NET build server running on Windows Server 2003, and I am trying to build and publish my Wpf (3.5) ClickOnce application using msbuild 4. The task in my build script is as follows:

<MSBuild Projects="src\TestProject\TestProject.csproj"
                    Properties="PublishUrl=c:\testwpf\;InstallUrl=http://devserver/TestProjectUpdates/;" />

However after running the build the installation does not get deployed to c:\testwpf\ folder. However I can see the installation created in bin\release folder of the source.

Any idea why its not deploying the files to the specified PublishUrl?

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Well the Property that I should be using is PublishDir instead of PublishUrl.


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Yes, also see stackoverflow.com/questions/1919625/… –  Peter Mortensen May 13 '13 at 16:54

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