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Is the Nokia Scrum test available online? I could find link to the modified Scrum test by Jeff Sutherland but unable to locate the link to original Scrum test by Nokia.

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You can find the Nokia Test here:


However, I highly suggest to use the Scrum Checklist by Henrik Kniberg instead:


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This is not the first version, this version from 2007 has already been tuned by Jeff Sutherland. – Pascal Thivent Aug 29 '10 at 7:20

Here is the first Nokia test developed by Bas Vodde while coaching teams at Nokia Networks in Finland. I'm pasting it below:

No Agile & Iterative when:

  • You know when you are not doing iterative development when:
    • Iterations are longer than 2-6 weeks
    • Teams tries to complete specifications before programming
    • An iteration does not include testing
    • Iteration does not provide workable code
    • Detailed (task level) plans and accurate estimates are expected at the beginning of a project
    • The iteration plan doesn't reflect what the team is doing
  • You know you are not doing agile development when:
    • There is little co-operation within the team
    • Design and code is produced in individual effort
    • Progress is measured by hours spend or documents created instead of working code
    • Builds are done once in three weeks


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I recognize you are looking for the Nokia Scrum Test; however, the definitive exam in the industry is through the Scrum Alliance. However, you are only able to take the exam after having been invited by a certified Scrum trainer. I recommend you look into taking a course near you.

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Let me suggest other approaches. Nokia Scrum Test is very brief. You will not get details you need for further improvements.

To validate Scrum implementation in smal teams we use Henrik Kniberg's Scrum Checklist. In case oyou would like to compare to 'world' check Mike Cohn's ComparativeAgility.com site.

Read more here

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This is not a compelte test, but an open assesment written by Scrum.org (Ken Schwaber): Scrum Open Assesment

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Links to resources requiring a login are not cool. – Jared Oct 4 '12 at 18:57

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