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I intend to build a custom version of SCRATCH. I am a web-developer and hence not familiar with technologies that could have used to build scratch.

I see quite a lot technologies used in there such as Java Applets, C, SmallTalk and so on.

Can someone tell me the basic skill-set that's required to modify SCRATCH fro my purpose?

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You should get the source code for Scratch:

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All it contains is one .changes file one .sources file and one .image file. It does not give me any clue where to start. – Eastern Monk Aug 25 '10 at 18:15
Read the information on the source code page, it tells you exactly what to do: "The download consists of a Squeak image and changes file. To view the source code, just drop the .image file onto a Squeak virtual machine (e.g. Scratch.exe or, which come bundled with Scratch). If you are new to Squeak, see the "Scratch and Squeak" section below." – Eric Aug 25 '10 at 18:20
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Squeak is not a programming language. Looks like I need to know SmallTalk if I want to make changes and for more drastic changes I need to write C code.

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Scratch is written in squeak, which is a java implementation of smalltalk.

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Squeak is "A Practical Smalltalk Written in Itself" and no "Java implementation of Smalltalk". See: Back to the Future, The Story of Squeak, A Practical Smalltalk Written in Itself – MartinW Aug 10 '13 at 20:55

for 1.4, use squeak. for 2.0, use actionscript. if you want to mod 2.0, read

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