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 $this->facebook_applications = Doctrine::getTable('FacebookApplication')

I don't understand how this works at all. Why is the query just 'a' and why does that seem to get a list of the applications?

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The static method Doctrine::getTable() gets an object that represents the FacebookApplication table.

That object has a method called createQuery(), which creates a Doctrine_Query object for querying that table. The argment ('a'), specifies an alias for the table in the query.

So essentially Doctrine::getTable('FacebookApplication')->createQuery('a') creates a query that translates to SQL like:

SELECT * FROM FacebookApplication as a

Which, naturally, returns all rows from that table.

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Thank you! I wouldn't of guessed that it's making an alias. I'd accept this as an answer but SO won't let me yet because you answered so fast :P – Chris T Aug 25 '10 at 18:48

You can see it by using :

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