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I have a line like this:

filter(lambda x: x == 1, [1, 1, 2])

Pylint is showing a warning:

W:  3: Used builtin function 'filter'

Why is that? is a list comprehension the recommended method?

Of course I can rewrite this like this:

[x for x in [1, 1, 2] if x == 1]

And I get no warnings, but I was wondering if there's a PEP for this?

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Pylint often chatters on about stuff it shouldn't. You can disable the warning in a .pylintrc file.

This page http://pylint-messages.wikidot.com/messages:w0141 indicates the problem is that filter and map have been superseded by list comprehensions.

A line like this in your pylintrc file will quiet the warning:

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I didn't know about that website, thanks a lot! –  igorgue Aug 25 '10 at 19:22
I didn't know about it either. I ran pylint with the "-i y" flag to include the message number, then I Googled "pylint W0141", and that's what I found. –  Ned Batchelder Aug 25 '10 at 19:37
@NedBatchelder Could you please also write what the content of .pylintrc has to be to disable built-in warnings? –  moose Aug 7 at 4:21
Done, added a sample line. –  Ned Batchelder Aug 7 at 10:16

I ran into the same problem and could not figure out

why the built-in function `input' is bad. I you intend

to disable it:

pylint --bad-functions="[map,filter,apply]" YOUR_FILE_TO_CHECK_HERE

Once you like the settings:

pylint --bad-functions="[map,filter,apply]" --some-other-supercool-settings-of-yours
--generate-rcfile > test.rc

Verify that your settings are in the file, e.g.:

cat test.rc | grep -i YOUR_SETTING_HERE

After that you can use this file locally

pylint --rcfile test.rc --your-other-command-line-args ...

or even use it as your default rcfile. For this I kindly refer you to

pylint --long-help
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