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To quote emacs help, M-/ is:

(dabbrev-expand ARG)

Expand previous word "dynamically".

Expands to the most recent, preceding word for which this is a prefix. If no suitable preceding word is found, words following point are considered. If still no suitable word is found, then look in the buffers accepted by the function pointed out by variable `dabbrev-friend-buffer-function'.

In other words, if somewhere in program there is a variable called reallyLongVariableName and I type reaM-/ then emacs automatically fills in the rest. If more than one match exists (ex, reallyUglyVariableName) then M-/ cycles thru them.

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I believe it exists since eclipse3.1 and was tracked by bug 11668
("Add emacs-style "Alt-/" hippie auto completion").


Text editors now support word completion.
In text editors you can complete a prefix to a word occurring in any of the currently open editors or buffers.
The default key binding for word completion is Alt+/ (Ctrl+. on the Mac).

Note: if you repeat the Alt+/ key combination, it will cycle amongst all the word beginning with the current prefix, starting with the closest one from the current edit position.

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thanks! I'm on a mac so, no wonder the alt-/ didn't work for me. Hippie indeed. –  Jose M Vidal Aug 25 '10 at 20:19

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