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i am using dot net open id for implementing openid in my website i want to redirect user to any of the open id provider site for sign up just like that of stack overflow provides for myopenid how to achieve this

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Please look at this question and then go snag DotNetOpenAuth as your server library.

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no no its not like that what i want is signup mechanism not sign in i have implemented the sign-in mechanism and it is working fine. for example in stackoverflow they provide a link to myopenid site on clicking of which an affiliate id comes in url and user redirected to their site after signing up there user comes back to stackoverflow as a new user –  Mac Aug 27 '10 at 7:17
So it's the UI from StackOverflow you want to capture, including the buttons and the way you can sign up as a new user and still log into the original site? That's all part of the openid selector jscript control that they're using that's discussed in the answers of the question I linked to. And as for redirecting the user back after sign-up, that's standard (decent) OpenID Provider behavior. –  Andrew Arnott Aug 27 '10 at 7:32

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