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I recently built an ecommerce application which resides in Joomla (our CMS), uses a database back-end for product catalog / order tracking and is fully integrated with Authorize.Net ( for processing payments. Obviously the missing piece of the puzzle is a shipping method.

Our shipping needs are fairly simple, we want to be able to ship to the continental US and would be happy with offering a strict flat rate as all of our merchandise is very similar in size/weight.

The only real hook into the shipping company I need is one that creates the shipping request in their system and allows our shipping department to print out a label, slap it on the box and be done. I checked out the UPS Developer Kit but it seems completely overkill for my needs.

Any suggestions on what shipping company/api method that will suit my needs would be most appreciated.


-- Nick

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Not a code answer but have you tried the USPS if it fits it ships boxes? – Josh Feb 16 '11 at 20:13

What's wrong with the UPS API? I've used this PHP script to integrate with UPS for a small scale web app that generated free return shipping labels for a companies clients.

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Straight from the PHP UPS API developer: "PHP UPS API does not currently support making actual shipments." – Nicholas Kreidberg Aug 30 '10 at 17:46
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There really wasn't a way around this, had to go through the UPS API which required a lot of hoop jumping.

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