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Is there any JavaScript or any other way of checking for html5 video support?

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if it alerts true implies that your browser supports HTML5 video tag

Here is the url to check HTML5 Browser compatibility http://www.html5test.com/ Open the url in your browser to test how well your browser supports html5

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Have a look at Modernizer: http://www.modernizr.com/

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One way is to embed the html5 tags, and then put the alternate video viewer within the video tags as a "fallback". The fallback will get displayed if a browser doesnt recognize the tag. Its not strictly 'detecting' html5 video support, but may suit your needs.

<video src='...'>
    <embed flash player instead>
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Just a little refinement of sweets-BlingBling's answer : sorry - I can't comment yet :(

var isHTML5Video = (typeof(document.createElement('video').canPlayType) != 'undefined') ? true : false;

or even simpler (thanks digitalBath - as always I can't see the wood for the trees :) )

var isHTML5Video = (typeof(document.createElement('video').canPlayType) != 'undefined');
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For what it's worth, "{boolean_expression} ? true : false" is no different than "{boolean_expression}" –  digitalbath Nov 5 '13 at 21:52

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