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When I need to add a custom page to Wordpress based site I always load the theme's header first:


Unfortunately then every custom page gets the same title (the blog's name) due to this code in header.php:

<title><?php if(is_home()) { bloginfo('name');} else { bloginfo('name'); echo ' | '; the_title(); } ?></title>

What would be the best way to change this page title?

  • Is there a wordpress method to call before loading the header that will change the_title()'s return value?
  • Should I change the header.php call so it will check if there is a previously defined custom value for my title?


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Actually you can look at your header code like this:

    if (is_home()) {
   } else {
         bloginfo('name'); echo ' | '; the_title();
    } ?>

Translating: if (it is your home) then print the blog's name. Else, print the blog's name, a | bar and the page/post title.

Is it printing ONLY the blog's name on custom pages or is it performing correctly?

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To answer your questions,

  1. Yes there is; you might want to look at WP Hooks and Filters. A good list of available hooks and filters for WP 3.0 is here.
  2. I'd probably just use the is_page() WP function. You can use it as is to check whether WP is rendering a custom page, or supply a parameter (an id, a page title, etc) to check for more specific ones.
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