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Is there SQLite wrapper for elisp?

If not, is it a good idea to call python code that takes control of SQLite through start-process or something? Is there better way to use SQLite from elisp?

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From Trey Jackson's starting link, there seems to be a tutorial on how to build a programmatic interface for elisp to an inferior-process sqlite, e.g. sqlite-query<f>. It is based on screen-scraping a comint buffer just for this purpose (e.g. not reusing sql.el). The following is an incomplete example copied from that reference.

;; this is emacs lisp code
(defun sqlite-query ( sql-command )
 (set-buffer sqlite-output-buffer)          ;1
 (erase-buffer)                                 ;2
    (get-buffer-process sqlite-process-buffer) nil)  ;3
    (get-buffer-process sqlite-process-buffer)
     1)  ;need to wait to obtain results

  (let*  ((begin (goto-char (point-min)))       ;4
      (end (goto-char (point-max)))
      (num-lines (count-lines begin end))
      (counter 0)
      (results-rows ()))
    (goto-char (point-min))
    (while ( < counter num-lines)
      (setq results-rows (cons (chomp (thing-at-point 'line)) results-rows))
      (setq counter (+ 1 counter)))
    (car `(,results-rows))))

Unfortunately there doesn't look like there is anything off-the-shelf there, but perhaps it is a good approach and probably better than trying to use yet another intermediate language.

(Aside, I find that example of connecting sqlite with emacs' Widget GUI interface to be intriguing.)

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I wrote a small SQLite wrapper for Emacs Lisp in response to the code here. – JasonFruit Jan 12 '12 at 13:57

Emacs wiki is your friend, there lies a couple of links to a couple of tools for sqlite.

Emacs WIki SQLite, the first link is probably the one you're looking for: handling the interaction with the database: sql-mode.

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