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I'm using Django to nicely display stats etc from an Oracle database that I only have/want read access to. Because the database has composite primary keys I'm not using Django's ORM layer and I'm using SQLAlchemy instead. The only installed apps I have are my own, and of the MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES I'm only using CommonMiddleware.

Based on this I have a single app accessing the database and working well. I put my sqlalchemy engine, session and orm.mapper all in models.py then in my views.py I just import the session and the classes that have been mapped.

However now I want to make a second app and obviously I should move the stuff in models.py somewhere more generic so that it applies to the whole project, not just one app.

Where should I put it? Should I write some kind of very simple session middleware? Or is there some file that is only executed once when the server starts? Since I never write to the database, should I try and make all requests belong to the same session?

Should I just make random file in the project base like connect.py and import it into the settings file?

Currently I am using the built-in server but I will be looking to use probably apache + mod_wsgi at some point.

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