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Is it possible to move quickly from one place in code to another where variable is used? For example I have variable String strResponse and it used in several places in code. I want to get from one place where variable used to another quickly using keyboard shortcuts. Is it possible?

VS has "Find all references" option but that's not what I am looking.

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Visual Studio 2010 has something like this out of the box: Highlighted references. But since you're using Visual Studio 2008 you're out of luck when it boils down to default stuff. However you can install Resharper which has something similar: shift+alt+F11.

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Use bookmarks

Bookmark all variable occurrence then use following shortcut keys to navigate between bookmarks

  • Select variable

  • Ctrl + F & select "Bookmark All"

  • Then use

  • Ctrl + K, Ctrl + P - previous bookmark

  • Ctrl + K, Ctrl + N - next bookmark

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