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Using google, yahoo and AOL smtp and PHPMailer how many mails can be sent at a time?

I tried to send 200 mails at a time from google after 40 or 45 it is giving the following error.

SMTP Error: Data not accepted.

and then i tried to reload and give only 1 address and the same error i have got.

what is the problem?

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Chances are Google doesn't want you using them as a spam engine. – Amber Aug 26 '10 at 8:02
Have you considered Google is locking the account because it might consider it to appear like a spamming activity? I wouldn't expect to be able to hit their servers so hard and not be noticed. – Nate Aug 26 '10 at 8:03
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You can't give a general answer to it. Big email providers such as Google have their own strategy to discover spammers. For example, I had no problem to send a single mail to 85 in CC, but sending 85 to a single recipient causes problems with my provider.

If you intend to send mass emails like a newsletter, I highly recommend using a professional service for it. Otherwise it is very likely that your email server gets black-listed or your sender email address marked as spam. Therefore, I can't recommend using typical newsletter plugins or modules for your favorite CMS if you got more than a couple of users registered.

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see for more info

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Thanx for the infos... but it is behaving in a strange way.. like from 1 google id more than 200 are goin at a time.. but from another 30-40 and from another even 1 is not going. funny... – champ Aug 26 '10 at 10:14

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