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I’m working with a client that has its WebLogic (version is 11g) domains organised in terms of usegage – so one for production, one for test, one for dev, and all applications have to share a single domain. It has a lot of applications/domain (around 20 in all). I’ve not seen this done before and was wondering how common it is. I can see some disadvantages (like you can’t configure domain level settings in a manner appropriate an app), but can’t think of many (any) advantages. So two questions: 1. How common is this? 2. What are the pros and cons of it as an approach?

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To my experience, it is not common. All the places where I worked use several domains (per application and per environment) and this gives you indeed finer control:

  • Different applications use various resources
    • APP1 may need a JMS server while APP2 doesn't
  • You can tune domains differently
    • APP1 might not have the same needs as APP2
  • Applications are isolated
    • A heavy query on APP1 won't affect APP2
    • Putting APP1 into production will never affect APP2
    • If I need to restart the cluster of APP1, the service of APP2 isn't interrupted
  • Trouble shooting, log analysis are facilitated
  • etc, etc

The only pro of the single domain approach I can think of is simplified maintenance. For non critical apps, it might work. But I wouldn't be happy with that.

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