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I have a basic/simple need to create a pipeline transfer process from one SQL express 2008 database to another server (equally SQL 2008 express).


  1. I have one table on SERVER A which has data coming in, and a default field called 'downloaded' which is again, by default set to 'N'

  2. I have the same table schema on SERVER B

  3. On a timed basis (say every 10 mins), I need to get all records from SERVER A where the 'downloaded' field is set to 'N', and copy that whole record to SERVER B

  4. As each record from SERVER A is read/successfully copied to SERVER B, I set the 'downloaded' flag to 'Y' (with a timestamp field too).

From old memories, I used DTS (now SSIS I guess) to do something similar.. but of course SQL express doesn't have the loveliness!!


Is it just a case of a SQL datareader to get data from SERVER A and manually either INSERT a SQL statement to SERVER B (or a proc of course)?? any other slick ways?

Thanks for all comments...

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oh don't use flags! They are not good for indexing.

Add two columns to both source and target tables: dt_created dt_modified.

Add an index on each one.

From your target database, select the source database/table for dt_created > max(target table.dt_created). Those are your new records. Do the same for dt_modified, and those will be your modified records. See! Poor man's replication.

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Cool.. actually never thought of that one! thanks for the response.. will do! – Aug 26 '10 at 21:13

Well, how about MySQL with replication? Cheap and slick :-) But I afrait it's too late to change DB...

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True! when I get chance.. I need to look at using mySQL/MariaDB as another option.. I guess it's hard to leave what you know.. comfortable slipper syndrome! – Aug 26 '10 at 9:45

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