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My last version of Eclipse PDT does not track symfony project code and so i cannot use autocomplete and search class actions.

I have last version symfony 1.4 included in my project's /lib dir. (I'am teaching symfony now with a Jobeet reference project to be concrete).


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Just deleted project, manualy deleted .buildpath file in the project's root and recreated project.

I tryied without any effect before:

  • refresh workspace
  • delete and recreate all the project (without deleting the source codes)

nothing helped me...

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Can you make sure that your project is set as PHP project?

Right click on the project and select Configure | Add PHP nature..

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Oh yeah, it is, every other my PHP projects are succesfully tracked in the same Eclipse PDT. I think the reason is that Symfony contains some PHP invalid files which brakes code tracking.. – palmic Aug 26 '10 at 14:43

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