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I have a front-end webservice. This service makes a "create" message to be processed in the 'back-end'. Previously it was not important to wait for this process to be finished but now this front-end service must wait until a functional key is generated to be returned to the front-end service callee.

The idea is to wait for a 'document created' like event so I know that I can now retrieve data based on a technical key so the functional key can be returned to the callee.

The problem is how can I make my front-end service wait for this notification message (until a certain time-out)? As somehow these two must be correlated but it is not really a request/response but also not a pure publish/subscribe model.

A description of the intended design

Front-end (web)service:

  1. Generate new guid (internal key)
  2. Send new creation message
  3. Wait for a notification is broadcasted to inform that a document is created and see if it matches the guid).
  4. Retrieve this document on its internal key and return the generated key.


In the back-end a saga is:

  1. Delegates tasks to several services/components
  2. When this saga is completed it broadcasts this

Maybe the saga can be combined with a request/reply model but I have not found any example that does this.

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If you are just looking for the key, can you generate the key client side and use that to correlate everything(pass it along with your message)? – Adam Fyles Aug 26 '10 at 11:57
Yes I have a technical key (a guid) which could somehow be used to correlate but this is not the key that we want to report to our partners. There we want to send a more friendly functional key which is generated based on some rules. I extended the original post with a simplified description of the application. I hope this helps to understand my problem. – Ramon Smits Aug 26 '10 at 14:53
Sounds like you really want a request/response model but are worried about timeouts. Is there another channel in which you could notify the partner? Would email suffice? If not at the end of your saga could they provide a call back that you could POST to? – Adam Fyles Sep 14 '10 at 12:54

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