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$db_host = "IQRA";
$db_user = "iqra17";
$db_pass = "";

echo $db_host;
$sqlquery="SELECT companyName FROM Customers;";
$process=odbc_exec($sqlconnect, $sqlquery);
    echo $process;

$companyName = odbc_result($process,"companyName");
echo "$companyName<br>"; }


When i run this script from phpSv which comes with Nusphere the data base iaccessed but when i run it on apache i get error: odbc_connect: SQL Error:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data Source Name not found and no default driver specified, SQL State IM002 in SQLConnect

Can anyone please explain to me whats going on.


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It seems like you try to connect to a database that needs the ODBC driver and your apache doesn't have it.

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Does apache use a different ODBC driver then SQL Server(thats the ODBC Driver I have specified for database) if apache does require a different driver where do i getit from and how do i install it. Thanks – farkhunda Aug 26 '10 at 11:20

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