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alt text Hey all,

I am trying to accomplish something very simple yet getting an error and it's driving me nuts.

here is what I am doing:

Function 1:

-(id)initWithText:(NSString *)text1 :(NSString *)text2 :(NSString *)text3 :(NSString *)text4 :(NSString *)text5


here I do the assignment. I have not initialized the NSString date, projectName, task, duration and comment, but I don't see that causing any trouble.


 if ([text5 isEqualToString:@"Add Comment"]==TRUE || [text5 isEqualToString:@""]==TRUE) 
  comment=@"No Comment";

 else {

date, duration, task ,projectname, comment are all NSString type.

This function gets called in a different viewController using the statement:

Function1 Call:

[self.summaryViewController initWithText:self.dateDisplay.text :self.projectNameDisplay.text:self.taskDisplay.text:self.durationDisplay.text:commentText.text];

where dateDisplay, projectNameDisplay, taskDisplay, durationDisplay are all UILabels and commentText is a UITextView

now I try to save the values captured through the function into a database using another function.


-(void) insertValues:(NSString *)text1 :(NSString *)text2 :(NSString *)text3 :(NSString *)text4 :(NSString *)text5

 if([self openDB]==TRUE)

    NSString *sql  = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"INSERT INTO mastertable(_date,_projectName,_task,_duration,_comment,_status) VALUES ('%@','%@','%@','%@','%@','Pending');",text1, text2, text3, text4, text5];

    char *err;


  if(sqlite3_exec(database,[sql UTF8String], NULL, NULL, &err) !=SQLITE_OK)

    NSAssert(0, @"error inserting values into table");

    NSLog(@"Entry Made");




Function2 call:

[master insertValues:date :projectName :task :duration :comment];

My insert into table query, when printed in NSLog, throws up this:

INSERT INTO mastertable(_date,_projectName,_task,_duration,_comment,_status) VALUES (' Aug 26, 2010',' Staffing',' Mentoring',' 01:01',

'( > )'


I think it's because of the conversion of UITextView to NSString

Please help


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post the code of getting data from uitextview to your string... –  Suresh Varma Aug 26 '10 at 12:48
Hey Suriya, Please check the second block of the code, I have made a few amends. Sayeed –  user393553 Aug 27 '10 at 5:31

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UITextViews text property has NSString as return value, so that should not be the Problem

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@ Gauloises When I printing the insert query in log this is what I am getting: INSERT INTO mastertable(_date,_projectName,_task,_duration,_comment,_status) VALUES (' Aug 26, 2010',' Staffing',' Mentoring',' 01:01','( <UILabel: 0x3947700; frame = (10 0; 280 39); text = 'Comment : rer...'; clipsToBounds = YES; userInteractionEnabled = NO; layer = <CALayer: 0x3947760>> )','Pending'); –  user393553 Aug 26 '10 at 11:40
as Suriya already asked, please show us some code of you getting the NSString from the textfield, the problem is most likely there –  Gauloises Aug 26 '10 at 13:24
Please check the second block of the code. I have made a few amends –  user393553 Aug 27 '10 at 5:32
Hey, I think I have made some headway. When I receive the value in a textView rather than receiving it in NSString and pass textView.text as argument, it works. Can you guys figure it out now ? Please check!! –  user393553 Aug 27 '10 at 5:42
how do you "recieve" the value? Show some code of that please, as i said, there might be your problem. –  Gauloises Aug 27 '10 at 8:02

Make sure the UITextField is properly initialized. Looks like it is pointing somewhere into memory.

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I inserted the textView using the Interface builder. How do I initialize it now? –  user393553 Aug 26 '10 at 12:28
Is the connection to the IBOutlet set properly? –  tobiasbayer Aug 26 '10 at 12:42
Hey, I am trying to insert breakpoint and check. Sometimes it is showing "Variable is not a CFString" –  user393553 Aug 26 '10 at 12:45
Most likely that it is not connected. Check if the connection is present in Interface Builder. –  tobiasbayer Aug 26 '10 at 13:16
I have checked in the Interface builder. It's connected. I have changed a few of its properties through code. Couldn't have done it without a connection. Now I am trying to write the text field data in a label before I save it. The label gets the value right when I print it in the log, NSLog(label.text); but when I pass this label.text as argument to my insert query, it gets a null value. Sayeed –  user393553 Aug 27 '10 at 5:26

@ tob,

Hey, tob I wrote the wrong code. Actually, I am not doing any casting; I am just initializing. And here is the code:

I have a UITextView commentText.text and I am extracting it's contents once the user feeds it to store it in NSString *str. NSString *str= commentText.text;

which is behaving horrendously. When I try retrieving the value stored in str i get weird messages like "CA Layer 1048w@#" and when I insert breakpoints to check it says variable not a CFString.

However, if I create another UITextView commentText2.text just like the first one and set its size to zero as I don't want it on my screen and I do this,


and pass commentText2.text as the argument for my insert query, the value gets saved in the database right and is retrieved right. Have I expressed myself?

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