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I am setting up a fresh Continuous Integration environment for a .NET project. The basics are in place and I have also integrated the Visual Studio Code Analysis (FxCopCmd.exe) and Test Results (MSTest.exe).

How to do that?
a. Add an task for above mentioned tools, specify input dll and output xml/trx in the .build file of the project
b. Update ccnet.config, add blocks for those xml/trx files
c. Update dashboard.config, add block with fxcop-summary_1_36.xsl and MsTestSummary2008.xsl

Everything looks and works great. Now I also want to show Visual Studio 2008 Code Coverage and Code Metrics in CruiseControl.NET 1.5.7385.9 Build Report. Can somebody tell me how do I do that?

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These links provides some clues:
- blogs.msdn.com/b/ms_joc/archive/2005/04/08/406608.aspx
- groups.google.com.ag/group/ccnet-user/browse_thread/thread/63c5b36a24f4366a

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