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I'm updating the UserProfile using the code below

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;

namespace UserProfileWebServiceApp
    class Program
        public static localhost.UserProfileService myService =
            new localhost.UserProfileService();
        UserProfileWebService.localhost.PropertyData[] newdata = 
    new UserProfileWebService.localhost.PropertyData[1];
            newdata[0] = 
                new UserProfileWebService.localhost.PropertyData();
            newdata[0].Name = "HomePhone";
            newdata[0].Values = new ValueData[1];
            newdata[0].Values[0] = new ValueData();
            newdata[0].Values[0].Value = "aa";
            newdata[0].IsValueChanged = true;


an soap exception occur --> Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.
anyone help me
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The account this application is running under (probably your account if you developing on your machine) needs to have the correct permissions to manage user profile in the User Profile Service application. I think you can also specify credentials in the service call to an account/password that has manage user profile permissions.

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