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I wanted to ask if there is a list of annotations for Scala 2.8.0? I stumbled upon @inline and @specialized but it would be nice if there is a complete list which also explains what they do exactly.

If such a list doesn't exist: Are there some annotations one should be familiar with?

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Tour of Scala Annotations:

Internals of Scala Annotations:

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It's easy enough to get a list of all Scala annotations. Just go to and click on "Known subclasses". Today, I get

BeanDescription, BeanDisplayName, BeanInfo, BeanInfoSkip, BeanProperty, BooleanBeanProperty, ClassfileAnnotation, SerialVersionUID, StaticAnnotation, TypeConstraint, beanGetter, beanSetter, cloneable, cpsParam, deprecated, deprecatedName, elidable, field, getter, implicitNotFound, inline, native, noinline, param, remote, serializable, setter, specialized, strictfp, switch, tailrec, throws, transient, unchecked, uncheckedStable, uncheckedVariance, varargs, volatile

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To answer my own question:

The official "The Scala Language Specification Version 2.8" actually also has a nice list of annotations in it with some explanation. (Chapter 11, page 133ff.)

Although for example @inline isn't listed there. So it seems not to be complete either.

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