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Many editors -- even Scintilla-based ones(e.g. Programmer's notepad) -- allow programmers to copy/cut a text selection by right-clicking the edited document and selecting appropriate lines (copy/cut/...)on a pop-up menu while the mouse cursor NOT within the selection -- it's very convenient. Left-clicking then anywhere in the document removes the selection: so, it's not a persistent selection in the strict sense of the word.

Unfortunately, Npp clears selections even if the right button pressed AND...moves the caret to a new place.

The question is what and where should I correct -- in code (I've compiled a Npp version in Vstudio2008 successfully) or in Npp's xml config files to get Npp to retain selections, and the caret position, as long as my mouse's right button pressed?

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Please ask on superuser.com –  FUZxxl Aug 26 '10 at 14:03
@FUZxxl - I may be wrong but I believe his question is "what source code do I need to edit". If I'm understanding correctly, SO may be the right place to ask. –  Basic Aug 26 '10 at 17:06
do you have any programming skills? if not, this is likely to be very difficult to achieve. If you do, you should really try to locate the section of code which is relevant and then perhaps ask a specific question - Not many SO users will want to download and page through an entire app's code just to save you some time. –  Basic Aug 26 '10 at 17:07
2 Basiclife: No, I don't want anyone "to download and page through an entire app's code". )) Never hoped. Notepad++'s behavior seems strange to me -- and very annoying -- and I hoped there is a simple solution through correcting config files and many users did modify cfg-files or smth else -- just because, I think, features like short-lived selections in the popular editor ARE annoying to many users. –  Victor Aug 26 '10 at 17:40
In that case, FUZxxl is correct and this should be on SuperUser - StackOverflow is for programming questions. Good luck :) –  Basic Aug 26 '10 at 17:45

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