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I am currently starting a blog on drupal and on every page they have authorName's blog. I don't want it to display my name I want it to display my websites name as I won't have anyone else logging in.

Is there a simple way to either change my username or to change the name that the website displays?

If it helps the blog is here, but be warned it is extremely rudimentary.

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Ways to change the display of your username on a node:

  • Change your username (Administer - Users - Edit)
  • Modify your theme to remove/replace the username on the page
  • Use RealName to display a name that is different from your username

I think I misunderstood initially... you don't want kyrajleimert's blog at the bottom of your blog posts? Simple: don't use the Blog module. It's only useful if you will have multiple people posting to your site. Use the Story content type instead.

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For me, there are two solutions :

  • rename your account with your site's name
  • create a new account with your site's name
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You can change your username in account settings: user/[user id]/edit. In order to be able to do this you will need a permission.

An alternative solution would be to change the urls with path - a Drupal core module and pathauto. With pathauto you can setup a rule so all blogposts will have the url: blog/[title] or blog/[company name]/[title] or whatever you like.

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