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I just started a drupal blog, found here but extremely rudimentary, and I want to display the last X blogs on pages other than the homepage.

Basically for the drupal site I downloaded the ability to add blog posts. Right now when I got the site's homepage it shows the last 5 blogs that were added (I know where to change the number of blogs shown). Currently I have added a story (or can change to page) to the navigation bar for each of my subjects for my blogs. For example the Food heading on the navigation will have all the food-related blogs added to that menu. I want it so when the user clicks on Food it displays the last X number of Food-blogs. So basically I want it to have the same behavior as the homepage with the ability to display a different number than the homepage and to choose from a smaller number of specific blogs.

Is there a way that I can easily do that?

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The easiest way to do this, is to use the views module. With it you can create a listing of the X resent blog posts, and make a block out if it. This block you can display in any of your theme regions, like you would with any Drupal block.

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