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I am trying to build URLs for Google Analytics and Omniture.

GA is simple enough, and those URLs can be built using

Campaign Source: *   (referrer: google, citysearch, newsletter4)
Campaign Medium: *   (marketing medium: cpc, banner, email)
Campaign Term:   (identify the paid keywords)
Campaign Content:    (use to differentiate ads)
Campaign Name*:

Does anyone know how Omniture links are constructed? Do they support this kind of URL?

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Omniture does not grab predefined var=value params from a URL like GA.

What you can do though is use omniture's s.getQueryParam() plugin to grab the same parameters generated by that GA tool, and put them in s.prop and/or s.eVar variables.

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Thanks. Also you have a fantastic name. – Kevin Sedgley Aug 27 '10 at 12:09
Just so you guys know, there's a debugger for Omniture at and a debugger for GA at… Both these have helped me kind of a lot... – potench Jun 26 '12 at 16:42

The basic Omniture campaign tracking is based on the s.campaign parameter, which can be then re-defined (classified) using the SAINT tool. The "cid" (default) URL parameter only takes one value, by default a running number, which is then classified with SAINT. Fetching the value can be done with a plug-in, such as getQueryParam(), which is recommended.

I don't recommend using prop or eVar variables too much on this, since without DataWarehouse or Discover you can't really use several of them in a segment (max. 2) and this makes using 5 parameters quite useless.

The SAINT tool together with the campaign parameter is quite powerful and should be enough for basic needs.

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