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Hello i have just started learning mvc2 and im having a problem with the default value for the parameter page(you can see the method below).

Its always 0 regardless of what i type in the URL. For example this


should show page 2 but when in debug mode the page parameter is 0, so im always getting the first page of the list in my view.

i am using the predefined standard routes in global asax when you start a new mvc2 project.

am i missing something?

//This is the ProductsController

   public ViewResult List(int page = 0)

        var products = productsRepo.Products()

   //send in source, current page and page size
        productList = new PagedList<Product>(products, page, 10);

        return View(productList);
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It's a routing issue, the default route specifies an id property, you're using a property called page. I'm new to MVC myself, but add this route before the default route:

routes.MapRoute("MyRoute", "{controller}/{action}/{page}",
    new { controller = "Foo", action = "List", page = UrlParameter.Optional });
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omg im such a doof, i was just staring at the routing in my global.asax not even paying notice to the {id} :P Thanks for your answer :D –  Kimpo Aug 26 '10 at 15:56
@Kimpo - No problem! –  GenericTypeTea Aug 26 '10 at 16:00

Remove the " = 0", and do:

public ViewResult List(int? page)
    int val = page.GetValueOrDefault(0);

And use val everywhere instead of page. That should work. If not, it's an issue with routing.


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Seeing GetValueOrDefault() in action was helpful. –  RacerNerd May 16 '13 at 23:31

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