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I have a small calculator that I am creating in C# (Sharp Develop). The user enters two values and the code returns the third. I am having trouble rounding the third value once it is returned. I have been through a couple of forums and the msdn site and I understand the code that is posted there, but I cant seem to make it work in my situation. Can anyone provide a little help? Reference the code below.

int y; 
decimal x, z;
x = int.Parse(tb2_fla.Text);      
y = int.Parse(tb2_e.Text);
z = (x * y * 1.732050808m) / 1000;  
tb2_kva.Text = z.ToString();

I welcome both assistance and criticism

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Try using Math.Round()

tb2_kva.Text = Math.Round(z, # Places).ToString();
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Thank you Ian, that was exactly it! – tejas_grande Dec 10 '08 at 22:18

Use Math.Round. Or, since you're going into a string, you could use either the Standard Numeric Format Strings, or the Custom ones.

Math.Round(z, 2).ToString();
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Could Math.Round(z, nrofdecimals) be the answer to your problem?

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Try the Math.Round function.

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Look up Numeric Format Specifiers in the help. Something like:

tb2_kva.Text = String.Format("{0:d2}", z);

to format to 2dp

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