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By "happy" names, I mean the real name of the file I'm uploading... for instance, if I'm putting a file called "foo.png" I'd expect the url to the file to be /foo.png. Currently, I'm just getting what appears to be a GUID (with no file extension) for the file name.

Any ideas?

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You can set the key field on the S3Asset object to achieve what you need.

I'll update the doco page with more information on this.

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Sweet, that did it! – longda Aug 27 '10 at 2:25

With length, inputstream and fileName given from the uploaded file, you should achieve what you want with the following code :

        S3Service s3Service = new RestS3Service(new AWSCredentials(accessKey, secretKey))
        S3Object up = new S3Object(s3Service.getBucket("myBucketName"), fileName)
        up.setAcl AccessControlList.REST_CANNED_PUBLIC_READ
        up.setContentLength length
        up.setContentType "image/jpeg"
        up.setDataInputStream inputstream
        up = s3Service.putObject(bucket, up)

I hope it helps.

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Actual solution (as provided by @leebutts):

import org.grails.s3.*;

def s3AssetService;
def file = new File("foo.png"); //assuming this file exists     
def asset = new S3Asset(file);
asset.mimeType = extension;
asset.key = "foo.png"
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