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I need to produce a calculation trace file containing tabular data showing intermediate results. I am currently using a combination of the standard ascii pipe symbols (|) and dashes (-) to draw the table lines:


Numerator | Denominator | Result
        6 |           2 |      3
       10 |           5 |      2

Are there any unicode characters that could be used to produce a more professional looking table?

(The file must be a raw text format and cannot use HTML or any other markup)

Edit: I've added an example of what the table now looks like having taken the suggestion on board and used the unicode box drawing characters:

Numerator │ Denominator │ Result
       6  │           2 │      3
       10 │           5 │      2
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There are Unicode box drawing characters (look for Box Drawing under Geometrical Symbols - the chart itself is a PDF). I don't have any idea how widely supported those characters are, though.

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