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I have a view function:

def myviev():
    do something
    responce something

How can I specify the exact url for this view function to be redirected?

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LOGIN_URL in your settings


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you can do this in your view works fine for me without declaring in settings.py

@login_required(login_url='/example url you want redirect/') #redirect when user is not logged in
def myview(request):
    do something
    return something #returns when user is logged in
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this from documentation should be helpful: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.5/topics/auth/default/#the-login-required-decorator

def my_view(request):
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Go to your setting.py You can add this anywhere in your settings.py file but i prefer to place it at the bottom. LOGIN_URL = '/login/'

NOTE: '/login/' is the URL segment that brings the user to the login page. The complete URL is similar to this "myexample.com/login/".

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