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I would like to know if in SQL is it possible to return a varchar value from a stored procedure, most of the examples I have seen the return value is an int

Example within a proc

declare @ErrorMessage varchar(255) if @TestFlag = 0 set @ErrorMessage = 'Test' 
return @ErrorMessage 

calling on Updated:

Error: Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'Development' to data type int.

   using (DataContextDataContext dc = conn.GetContext())
    string serverName = ""
    var result = dc.spGetServerName(ref serverName);                    
    return result.ToString();

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No, you can't return anything but an int using the RETURN statement. You'd need to use OUTPUT parameters instead. They are more flexible.


CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.ExampleSproc 
    @OutParam VARCHAR(10) OUTPUT
SET @OutParam = 'Test'

For an example on how to retrieve the output param, see this article.

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how do i call the storproc to get the output? – Abu Hamzah Aug 26 '10 at 22:15
i have update my question. – Abu Hamzah Aug 26 '10 at 22:17
@Nisar Khan - see the link in the update in my question – AdaTheDev Aug 26 '10 at 22:36
please see my updated question, the link you gave me is talk about int output what i am doing is returning string. – Abu Hamzah Aug 26 '10 at 22:49
@Nisar Khan - it gives you the exact approach you need, it's just that in that example, the output parameter is an INTEGER. You just define your OUTPUT parameter as a VARCHAR, like my example, and tweak the .NET code to define the .NET variable as a string instead of an int like the example. – AdaTheDev Aug 26 '10 at 22:57

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