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I'm looking for something, like MICROSOFT PROJECT, for tracking projects comprised of complex series of events, most of which occur within a single day. I was thinking "project management software" because I still need to track dependencies, predecessors, etc. All of the apps I've tried recently have no capacity for dealing with minutes and hours versus days, weeks, and months.

So, know any "micro-project" management applications that might be able to help?



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It all happens in less than a day? Use a notepad or index cards. Seriously. Project will overcomplicate things for you and tie you to a computer.

If it really is so complex that you need something like Project, then simply remap the time so that a month is an hour or something like that.

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+1 Whiteboards are good too, if everyone has to see what's going on. –  Justin K Aug 27 '10 at 14:22
Very good points! I was trying to do what dwarFish described, regarding remapping time, but for the products I tried -- from the massive Project, to the simple, basic 0.x community efforts -- it was either seemingly impossible to enter my data in such a way, or, after cramming my hours and minutes into weeks and days, the data just didn't translate well in the context of the app's reporting capabilities, or in the conveniences that differentiate these apps from simple spreadsheets, which seems to be what I have to look forward to in the end. :-) Any other ideas? ingenious improvisations? –  hourback Aug 31 '10 at 16:30

MS Excel or Open Office Calc if that is your flavour.

Excel is fairly comprehensive with time and easy to understand.

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