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I have this problem and it's drivin' me nuts!

So I am developing my first real Google App Engine application and I always like to discover things while writing tests.

So I have the following setup:
I have a virtualenv with nose, nosegae, webtest and gaetestbed. It's called porksvr.

I activate my virtualenv like this:

source porksvr/bin/activate

To run nose I use the following command:

nosetests --with-gae --gae-lib-root /home/fs/gae

This gives me the following error

DEBUG: Access to module file denied: 

So at first I thought "okay, nose is running the application in the 'context' of the dev_appserver so it doesn't know about webtest".

But to be sure I created a new directory and added a small GAE application. It's just 3 files:
-test_huh.py ( imports the webtest module. )

Now what really confused me is that this just works. I run the nosetests cmds and it's actually passing my tests.

So I started digging in my application to find out what could be different but I really hit a wall.

I first thought that it might be a permission problem since the error says 'access ...denied' but I couldn't really find anything special. Next I thought maybe it's because I created my application before the virtualenv but I couldn't really see how this can be a problem.

So if anybody has a clue why this happens I would be really really grateful.

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I recently found what may be a deeper issue with NoseGAE, dev_appserver.py and (of all things) the python imp module. You can reproduce it from my Gist Repo. Basically, it looks like the imp module, which dev_appserver.py (and hence the NoseGAE plugin itself) both rely on heavily, does not behave exactly parallel to standard python imports. This has the unfortunate side effect that module instances in sys.modules are not always given attributes pointing to their child modules. The result is confusing and unpredictable import issues. –  Dave Peck Mar 28 '11 at 2:29

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Nose-GAE has some documented issues when you're using virtualenv.

You might try using using nose's --without-sandbox flag.

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Great so after hours of trying I actually just solved my problem right after asking this question.

What fixed it was to create the virtualenv with the following switch --no-site-packages. Apparently I had a copy of webtest in my system's Python that somehow gave problems with my virtualenv. I should have noticed it when I tried to pip install webtest in my virtualenv and it said it already existed.

Still not 100% sure why some apps worked and others didn't.

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