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LaTeX newbie here.

I need to set background color for all my \subsection titles. Whole line should change color, not only the part of it with text.

This does work:


But it does not color whole line. Also I'd like to configure it in a single place for all \subsections.

My google-fu is failing me. Any suggestions on how to do what I want?

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To make the \colorbox the width of the line, use \makebox:


I'm not 100% sure "\hfill" is what you need to put in the first set of square brackets. You may need to experiment with that part. An alternative worth trying is


To configure it in one place for all subsections, the easiest thing to do is define a wrapper command:


You could also redefine \subsection, but then you have to learn about the internal commands it uses and take care to match your documentclass's other formatting. I don't recommend it.

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Expanding on Zack's answer, this is my solution:

If you want the text left aligned

    \setlength\fboxsep{4pt} %% spacing around box contents

or if you want it centred

    \setlength\fboxsep{4pt} %% spacing around box contents

You can drop the local declaration of \setlength\fboxsep if you are using a global setting. Obviously bgcol and textcol need to be defined earlier in the document preamble.

If are in the multicols environment you can use \textwidth or \columnwidth, or a relative amount of either these, depending on how you have things laid out and how you want them to look.

I am using multicols with the text spanning 100% of the column. But found that using either \textwidth or \columnwidth the headings overhang to the right side compared with the width of the text body underneath, so to correct this I actually ended up using:

    \setlength\fboxsep{4pt} %% spacing around box contents

Caution: I am getting error messages from "Overfull \hbox" using this code. I don't know how to resolve this, but the output is working fine so it is not an issue for me. On a different program or build this may cause you problems!

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