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I'd like to periodically create a backup of my github repositories. Is there a quick way to pull all of them without knowing what the entire list is?


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You can get the entire list via GitHub's API:


For example, this simple DOS/Unix shell one-liner:

ruby -ryaml -ropen-uri -e "puts YAML.load(open(''))['repositories'].map {|r| %Q[* **#{r[:name]}** (#{r[:description]}) is at <#{r[:url]}/>] }"

prints (assuming you have Ruby installed):

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Wow - that was thorough. –  Walter White Aug 27 '10 at 22:57
Hmm, okay, what I will need to do is create a list, iterate through it, and then download the repository. That is another script. –  Walter White Aug 27 '10 at 23:08
No longer works. –  Andrew Ferrier Nov 15 '12 at 19:50
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The answer I was waiting for.

I decided to give Ruby a try and it is okay. I like how it is compact, but it isn't pretty looking :(.

This works:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require "yaml"
require "open-uri"

time =
backupDirectory = "/storage/backups/{time.year}.#{time.month}.#{}"
username = "walterjwhite"

#repositories =
# .map{|r| %Q[#{r[:name]}] }

#FileUtils.mkdir_p #{backupDirectory}


    puts "found repository: #{repository[:name]} ... downloading ..."
    system "git clone{username}/#{repository[:name]}.git #{backupDirectory}/#{repository[:name]}"


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Now that the v2 API used in the accepted answer no longer works, it's time for an update that uses Github API v3.

You can get the list of repositories in JSON format with

curl -i

Watch out for pagination! By default the results are paginated to 30 items. If you have more repositories than fit into a single page, you'll get a Link HTTP response header with links to the other pages (with rel=next/last/first/prev). You can also ask for a larger page size (up to 100):

curl -i

A full backup script (assuming you have 100 or fewer repositories) would look something like this:

import os
import json
import urllib
import subprocess

username = 'username'  # specify your github username
os.chdir(os.expanduser('~/github'))  # location for your backups, must exist

url = '' % username
for repo in json.load(urllib.urlopen(url)):
    print "+", repo['full_name']
    if os.path.exists(repo['name']):['git', 'pull'], cwd=repo['name'])
    else:['git', 'clone', repo['git_url']])
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I intend to maintain a working version of this script at –  Marius Gedminas Dec 17 '12 at 15:45

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