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So I'm writing up a CV and I would like to use the nifty itemize environment to list some things within a tabular environment. Unfortunately, things end up looking a bit this, which isn't at all what I want. Specifically, I want to the itemize environment to hug closely to "BIG COMPANY NAME" so that it appears as "Software Development Intern" does, and likewise at the bottom. My current code looks a bit like so:

\textsc{May 2010 to Aug 2010}
    & Software Development Intern  \\
    & \textsc{BIG COMPANY NAME} \\
    & \begin{itemize}
        \item item1
        \item item2
    \end{itemize} \\
    & \small{Cool Details}\\

Buuut it's not doing the job at all. Any suggestions, Latex gurus?

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This is a hack, but you can just add a \vspace{-0.1in} before the \begin{itemize} command. See if it works. Also, you might get better answers at tex.stackexchange.com –  Gilead Aug 27 '10 at 3:28
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You can use the package paralist which defines among others the compactitem environment (which is a compact itemize). It also redefines itemize that way, but there are options to leave it, like olditem.
In your case I would just load


and use \begin{compactitem} ... \end{compactitem} inside tables.

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