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I'm looking to return a template url rather than print it and bloginfo('template_url'); prints... anyone know of a version of this function I can use inside of a string I'm building to print at a later point?


    $html = '<td style="width:40px;"><img src="';
    $html .= bloginfo('template_url'); // <-- messes up string because it prints.
    $html .= '/images/pause.png"></td>';
    return $html;
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I would recommend you use get_template_directory_uri() instead.

$html = '<td style="width:40px;"><img src="';
$html .= get_template_directory_uri();
$html .= '/images/pause.png"></td>';
return $html;

Read more about the method here: Function Reference/get template directory uri, Wordpress Codex

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