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i was wondering... when we design websites... there are cross-browser compatibility and browsers different behavior to HTML is an issue... designer has to check his design and work for cross-browser design consistency....

can we do somthing about it like add some libraries\scripts to the code so that one browser bahaves like other, so this is an easy guess i want IEs to behave like Firefox... like scripts are available for IE6's Transparent PNG problem...

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There are libraries that "assist" in crossbrowser support (Like Jquery) but you can NOT make an outdated browser that needs to be got rid of, act like a more modern browser that actually works ;) –  Lavabeams Aug 27 '10 at 5:29
If it was that easy then "Use FoxIE" would be a more common answer on Stackoverflow then "use jQuery". –  Quentin Aug 27 '10 at 5:32

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jQuery has certainly made the task a LOT more manageable. I regularly have to affirm my code works on several versions of ALL major browsers. (Fortunately no longer IE6). jQuery team tests against all these browsers and provides a framework that does much to take care of most scripting and event handling differences.

Firefox 2.0+
Internet Explorer 6+
Safari 3+
Opera 9+
Chrome 1+

You should also be using a CSS reset that helps to initialize browsers to a more compatible state

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