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I am writing a simple Android app and have a database that will send back information into the app. I am new to Android and am looking for a simple example that demonstrates how the Android App can process a JSON response received from a HTTP request.

I need to see what classes are used for Android apps to process a HTTP response. A reference to a good tutorial, or if you're keen, write a very basic method to do the job. Thanks

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Take a look to: JSON Parsing in android or Android as a RESTful Client.

Also read Handling Expensive Operations in the UI Thread to be sure that your application is not "hanging" if content retrieval takes time.

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Those 2 links were really helpful. Seems to cover the topic enough for me. So you get the "correcta-mundo". Thanks!!! –  giulio Aug 29 '10 at 23:42

I once wrote a tutorial for the exact opposite case (to send a JSON request). However from that you will be able to derive for what you need.

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Thanks for submitting your tutorial. I'll have a look at it and try it out. I need to support XML and JSON. –  giulio Apr 12 '11 at 23:24

I wrote a small library project (stepsdk) and demo here, on making a GET request and process the json here.

It is as simple as follows:

new APIRequest(new APIManager(this), SERVER_URL+"/method", APIRequest.GET)
  .addParam('param', 'value')
  .start(new JSONRequestHandler(){
      public void after() {
        JSONObject json = getResponse();
        // use json

hope it helps.

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